One of the first things we get to learn about a new client is their personal view of self and overall image they feel they portray. Before diving in to favorite designers and celebrity-style, we seek to understand how this individual perceives themselves in the world and what role their choice of dress plays in that narrative. Often times they aren’t even aware of the correlation between the two.

While our education, values and personal morale are much more important than the labels we wear, fashion can make a large impact on our performance, attitude, and perception of self. If you feel good about the way you look, you are more likely to portray decisiveness, assurance and confidence in the choices you make. These are very useful traits to posses in both work and day-to-day life.

We ask new clients to think of a time when they put together an outfit that they felt most confident in. What internal reactions did this cause? How did your work performance change? What was your attitude towards life and your daily occurrences like? Without a doubt they will always answer with fond positive accounts of that experience. They same correlation can be seen in the reverse however. When people are dressed in clothes they don’t feel comfortable in, don’t fit properly or fail to flatter their body-type, they report feelings of lower self-worth, negative performance at work and heightened levels of distress in their daily functioning.

A healthy personal image of self comes from within and a well kept exterior allows that to be channeled to the surface. The two are a reflection of one another and go hand in hand. A focus on the way we portray ourselves to the outside world gives us power, provides us strength and opens to doors to more opportunity. Style and confidence-dressing are powerful tools for improving self-image.


Do’s and Don’t’s for establishing self-confidence through dress:



  • determine your personal style and what you like
  • spend time researching your body type, styles that flatter your silhouette and strong color choices
  • ask trusted family members and friends for their input
  • contact a Personal Stylist for direction and assistance with a Closet Overhaul


  • listen to the negative voice in your head that criticizes your physical appearance
  • forget the impact of positive affirmations
  • become a creature of habit, not willing to try new styles and colors
  • make excuses for holding back from change

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