Every year, fashion brings us trends we love, trends we haven’t gotten on board with, and trends we just can’t wait to see go. It’s an inevitable cycle.

As Personal Stylists, we’ve seen them all, shopped for them all and often discouraged the use of many of them. While trends, by nature, are looks that come and go, there are always a few that we hope to carry out for as long as possible.

2016 brought forward many amazing fashion trends, from statement sleeves to over-the-knee boots. We held a poll in the MiKADO office to try and decide what our favorite fashion moments were amongst our Personal Stylists. Scroll down for what we came up with.


The best fashion trends of 2016 according to the MiKADO Personal Stylists.


Over-the-knee boots

An easy footwear option to dress your look up without trying too hard. Add a pair of over-the-knee boots to a simple outfit and look chic and polished in an instant. We definitely aren’t ready to part with our boots in 2017, already thinking of so many great opportunities for use.



Statment Sleeves

One of our favorite trends of the year by far. Very rarely do we see attention being drawn to sleeves. Often waist lines, pant legs and silhouette have all the fun. It was a nice change of pace to focus on something new this year, and we only hope to play up this area with more interest in 2017.



Coordinated Sets

We saw the surge of the coordinated set look this year, and we definitely aren’t complaining. Something about the matching outfit just screams effortless style and class. Two feelings we are always keen on evoking. We are eager to continue this coordinated look throughout winter and into spring.




When it came to casual shoes, the prominent fashion trend of 2016 was all about the loafers. We loved this option all year long for its versatility and alternative to a regular flat. The shoe is menswear-inspired, so it automatically adds excitement to any outfit. It also has a way of being a bit more dressy without having to put on a pair of heels.



Raw Hem

Denim was all about the raw hems this year, from skinny to wide leg styles alike. We were certainly feeling this as a great alternative to classic styles and a way to add a pop to our casual looks. On top of that, it provides an easy DIY.




After years of leopard and stripe getting all the focus in terms of print, plaid really took over in 2016. This trend seems to just be getting started, and we’re looking forward to new and exciting ways of incorporating it into our day-to-day dress code in the new year. Especially in terms of accessories.

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