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I work at a Southern California-based styling firm where we have access to the hottest new fashion looks and products. It surprises people when I tell them that most of our clients are not A-listers, but regular Angelenos–men and women who need help figuring out what personal style works best for them.

Here are some key things to help you decide if you need personal styling in your life.

You stare blankly into your closet every time you have to go out.
You envision yourself with a certain image but your wardrobe just doesn’t support it. And is that image even the right one for you? Selecting the same go-to outfits for work and feeling lackluster about your closet choices are just two other reasons to seek professional help.

Your style doesn’t fit what you do for work or where you’re at in life.

Many people are stuck in a look that might have worked for them in their twenties but is not quite right moving forward. Or sometimes you’ve changed body style and need to figure out a more flattering fit. Stylists guide you through pointed questions and visual fashion-references, collect sizing information, and determine your personal aesthetic, all in an effort to thoroughly understand your needs. You can expect to dig into all areas of your life and the role fashion plays in each one, as your stylist learns how they can help you achieve your personal style goals.

Your closet needs an overhaul.
The closet overhaul is an opportunity to see what you currently own in detail and really decide what works and what doesn’t. Unlike the much-dreaded reality television spectacle you see, you’ll make collaborative decisions with your stylist regarding what to keep and what to get rid of so that you never part with items you truly love. In an item-by-item analysis, you’ll determine whether clothing is no longer a match with the look you’re aiming to achieve, needs some dry cleaning or tailoring to be brought back to life, or is a great fit for your new approach to dressing.


You hate shopping for clothes.
With a personal stylist, the process begins with an in-home consultation and a chance to collect as much information as possible. With a trimmed-down closet complete, stylists can identify where the missing pieces are and help to create a shopping list of items to round out your selection.

Now that you’ve brought in an expert to tackle this project, you’ll no longer have to find time to visit the mall or hunt through overwhelming department stores, only to come home with something similar to what you already own. Your stylist takes care of all the shopping on your behalf, finding things that match your preferences and satisfying all the needs on your list. Newly purchased clothing is brought to your home for you to try at leisure at a time that suits your schedule.


You need a fashion plan that’s easy to follow.
Your stylist will guide you through options to meet your specific goals and criteria, and will provide expert suggestions on how new clothing pairs with what you currently own. You’ll decide on items you wish to purchase, resulting in an expertly curated wardrobe without ever having left your home. While having stylish new clothing is a great first step on the journey to perfecting your personal style, knowing how to mix and match is a whole different obstacle. To finish off the process, your stylist will create a visual look book or catalogue filled with endless outfit combinations made from your new purchases.


In our world of so many choices and ever-changing fashion, it’s important to find what makes you feel like your best self. Personal styling just might be the solution you’ve been seeking.

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