How to Prepare for the First Meeting with Your Personal Stylist


You’ve decided it’s time to seek outside counsel on your wardrobe. Good for you! This is often a difficult choice to make. We like to think we can handle everything on our own, especially something as personal as our sense of style, and we feel as if we’ve failed in some way if we have to admit defeat. But if you’ve been trying for years, and can’t quite seem to get it right, you’ve made the right choice to get help from an expert. After all, you outsource so many of your other needs – why not your wardrobe as well? And what’s more, isn’t your time better spent on things you enjoy doing, not those that cause you frustration and confusion?

The first interaction between Personal Stylist and client in our 3-Step Styling Process, is the consultation. Our team spends a lot of time preparing and organizing for this meeting, because we know how important it is to the overall success of your project. But for new clients, it can be hard to know what to expect.

Scroll down for tips on how to get ready to meet your Personal Stylist for the first time.

Take an Introspective Look

Our consultation process begins with a 30-point questionnaire, with the purpose of understanding your preferences and lifestyle in as much detail as possible. Before meeting your Stylist, it can help to put some thought into your clothing and style as a whole, so that you aren’t caught off guard when answering our questions.

While you may assume that your preferences will come to you on the spot, it’s not uncommon to get caught up in the moment and forget some specific details. Start thinking about what you like and dislike on a very granular level. The more particular you can be the better. If you hate V-neck tops, and only wear crewnecks, it will be really useful for your Stylist to have this information so that they make sure to shop for options that align with your preferences, and not things you’d never wear.

Ask yourself what styles you like, what you aren’t comfortable wearing, the colors you’re drawn to, when you struggle to find clothing in your closet, and what you find the most challenging about personal style. The more information you can provide, the more equipped our team will be to shop on your behalf. While your Stylist will guide you through all of these questions during your consultation, it can be very helpful to put some thought into them ahead of time to provide as much insight as possible.

Style Inspiration

As mentioned, it’s very important for your Personal Stylist to thoroughly understand your preferences. We want to be certain we’re shopping for exactly what you like, and make accurate predictions on things you’ll be drawn to. 

Personal style can be a difficult concept to describe in adjectives and is often much easier to contextualize with specific examples. We do this by asking you to identify people who inspire you in terms of fashion, or people you feel look consistently well-dressed. Whether it’s celebrities, politicians, TV characters, or social media personalities, knowing who you’re drawn to helps us narrow down your aesthetic. BUT….this can be very challenging for some people to come up with on the spot. Especially if it’s something you’ve never given thought to before. So we always recommend putting a small list together prior to your consultation so that you have time to think of an answer.

This exercise can feel difficult. As creatures of habit, it’s challenging to envision ourselves wearing something other than what we’re familiar with. For the time being, ignore the natural hesitation to step outside your comfort zone and instead focus on what appeals to you. And if you’re still completely stuck, not to worry. We have lots of photos to look through during your meeting that will help spark ideas.

If you’re struggling to come up with references and need a place to start, check out our Pinterest account, filled with lots of great ideas!

Ask Questions

This is a big one. If you’ve never worked with a Personal Stylist before, the experience may seem foreign at first. We’ll walk you through everything, breaking down our process and what you can expect from the styling process so that you always know what to expect. As we go through the steps, don’t be shy to ask about concerns you may have or topics we may not have covered. The whole point of working with a Personal Stylist is to have peace of mind, knowing that your wardrobe is taken care of. In order to do so, it’s important that you have a clear sense of how things work and aren’t left feeling confused or overwhelmed.

The FAQ page on our website has a lot of common questions we receive from new clients. This is a great place to start you preliminary research. If there are other concerns that come to mind, don’t hesitate to speak your mind and let us know during your consultation.


Knowing what it is you’re hoping to accomplish with your project is very important information. Did you just get a new job and need refreshed look? Has your body changed and thus clothes are no longer fitting? Do you just hate to shop and want someone to take over the day to day task? These are all excellent reasons to work with a professional yet all quite different. Understanding what your objectives are will allow us to tailor our service to your specific needs.


Before your consultation, it is important to think about how much money you’d like to allocate to the cost of your new clothing. It can be overwhelming for new clients to come up with this number on the spot, so it can help to put some consideration into it in advance.

We shop on your behalf for everything you need – whether it be a full closet overhaul, a special occasion outfit, a refreshment for a new season, and anything in between. During your consultation, you’ll work with your Personal Stylist to determine the items you’d like to try during your fitting and an appropriate budget to purchase everything on your list. This number is entirely up to you and should feel like something you’re comfortable spending on new clothing, while also sufficiently covering the costs of all the items you’d like to purchase.

Your wardrobe budget is a rough figure, and you’re always welcome to adjust your final spend depending on how many items you decide to keep during your fitting. The amount you spend on clothing does not have any bearing on our service model, as we have no affiliation with brands and no membership requirements. This concept may feel atypical if you’ve become accustomed to subscription boxes or services that require a certain spend on clothing each month. We pride ourselves on being able to assist you in making strong and thought out purchasing decisions without ever being incentivized to make sales.

Get Excited!

Working with a Personal Stylist will be one of the best clothing-related experiences you have. Don’t get too caught up in knowing what you need, that’s what we’re here for! This process is all about helping you look and feel like the very best version of yourself, and our job is to ensure that goal becomes a reality.

It’s time to get excited about the process, because when your project is done, you’re going to have an entirely new outlook on personal style and how it can help you elevate your self-confidence. Your consultation is a wonderful opportunity to connect with your Personal Stylist and get a preview of what is to come on your style journey.

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