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Shopping for new clothes can often feel like a daunting task: wandering through the mall, unsure of what to buy, overwhelmed by too many choices, and uncertain about what your wardrobe really needs. Often times you end up leaving with either an assortment of things similar to what you already own or too frustrated to buy anything at all.

The personal stylists at MiKADO shop on behalf of busy men and women all across Southern California each and every day to ensure they always have well-kept closets, and have the process down to a science. Using their expert step-by-step process and time-saving agenda, you can shop like a professional, too!

Step 1: Get Inspiration

Personal stylists create mood boards to work from for every client, and you can make your own. Whether it’s on Pinterest or a file in your phone, save images of anything you like, outfits you feel speak to your style or items you aspire to wear. This will help determine common themes and pinpoint the aesthetic you’re going for. Not sure what you like? Look at celebrity references for inspiration.

Step 2: Make a Shopping List

Before heading to the mall write down what you need and be as specific as possible. Stylists keep a checklist for each client of exactly what they’re looking for so that they know it when they see it. Going to the mall without an agenda is too overwhelming and means you’re going in blind. With your detailed criteria in hand you’ll be less distracted by items you don’t need, focused only on finding the pieces you’ve listed.

Step 3: Comparison Shop

Don’t buy the first thing you see just because it that satisfies your criteria. Look between several stores to ensure you’ve found the best option.

Stylists know that it takes multiple tries to get the perfect item. Once you’ve narrowed in on one, check online to see if you can find it at a better price. Many retailers offer extra incentives that may not be promoted in their brick and mortar locations. If this is the case, ask whether they’re willing to price match the online offer. More often than not they will.

Step 4: Avoid Buyer’s Remorse

If you aren’t completely sure you like or need something, don’t buy it.

Our emotional attachment to clothing we’re drawn to on staged mannequins and fancy displays is regularly shortsighted and overshadows our practicality.

Try the 24-hour stylist test to determine whether you’re making a sound decision. If you’re still thinking about the item one day later and can justify driving back to the mall to purchase it, than it’s less likely to just be an impulse buy.

With a new season right around the corner, try committing to a more methodical shopping process when updating your wardrobe. Making clear and concise decisions around the pieces you’re buying leads to increased confidence in the clothing you put on every morning, and thus the image you put forward.

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