We partner with a variety of corporate clients to train their employees on best practices for dressing in the workplace, in order to feel and command power and authority.¬†Our seminars are tailored¬†to each specific office place and accommodate anywhere from small teams to macro firms. We cover a wide variety of topics, and work directly with our corporate clients to include any additional resources they feel necessary. We adapt our slides, handouts and subject-nature to reflect the needs and regulations of the unique business we’re training.


Power dressing is the idea that when we wear clothing we feel great in, our confidence is lifted and ultimately success increases. It is the notion of using our clothing to help us feel like the best version of ourselves, and the belief that when we dress the part and look like our most professional, put-together and capable selves, that other people relate to us accordingly and operate with us on a higher level.

What makes a person feel like their most powerful self doesn’t come down to a specific aesthetic or certain brand of clothing. It’s about wearing items that boost our confidence and make us feel ready to take on challenges, rather than wearing those that drive us to feel invisible.

People often ask if clothing really matters, and the answer is a resounding yes. The question is not whether you care about fashion or have a desire to keep up with current trends, but what you’re communicating consciously and unconsciously through your fashion choices; both to yourself and to everyone you interact with.

We may not realize it, but the clothing we wear every day is sending messages to ourselves and to others about who we are as individuals and how seriously our work should be taken. The clothing we wear doesn’t define who we are, what we want, or what we’re capable of – but it influences how we feel and how we’re perceived.


To different people, power dressing takes different forms. An image that commands authority may look a certain way in one industry and completely opposite in another, so the notion of creating a blanket set of dress code rules is a futile exercise. The desired outcome of power dressing is the piece that always remains the same: how confident we feel optimizing for how successfully we perform.

When it comes to inner confidence, often the right outfit can work like a suit of armor to give the extra boost we need to not just look the part, but to feel it too, and carry ourselves accordingly. Putting on formal clothing makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world and the role we play in it.


What you wear may seem like a trivial factor in the bigger picture of your career, but it’s far more important than you think. We make a judgment based on our first impression of a person within 7 seconds of meeting them. This means that whether we’re on a job interview, in a business meeting, or attending a networking event, we have just a few seconds to establish ourselves as the successful person we strive to be. Our clothing is a major factor in winning that first impression and is also something entirely within our control.

Studies have shown that our appearance and attire strongly influence a person’s perception of our trustworthiness, intelligence, aptitude, and even our suitability for a promotion or new client. We all know that the way a person looks and carries themselves matters, despite how superficial we know that to be. What we don’t pay as much attention to however, is how much it matters. People form strong impressions of us; they do this very quickly and instinctively and with minimal information – all based off of the information WE provide them.


Our Power Dressing seminar lasts anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on the needs of the specific workplace, and is led by one of our expert Personal Stylists. It aims to encourage employees to consciously make the choice to put their best selves forward by focusing on the positive outcomes associated with attention to personal image.

We spend time with you and your team prior to the presentation to build a seminar that fits with the needs of your employees, industry and clients, ensuring the content is uniquely crafted to produce lasting results. Depending on your objectives, the seminar can be split between genders or facilitated in smaller groups in order to cultivate more intimate discussions.

Topic ideas can include, but are not limited to:

  • What is Power Dressing?
  • Clothing, and how it impacts our ability to perform at work.
  • Building a “Suit of Armor”.
  • What are confident people more optimized for?
  • How our image relates to the way others view us.
  • Winning a first impression.
  • Personal branding.
  • How to be authentic.
  • The importance of comfort in a work wardrobe.
  • Not letting business casual become too casual.
  • Why you should never assume one look works for every audience.
  • How to master the art of personal presentation.
  • Dressing for your shape and body type.
  • The importance of clothing that fits.
  • Never letting your look be louder than your voice.
  • How to build a capsule work wardrobe.
  • Learn to solve the most common fashion faux pas.
  • How to use color and accessories in the workplace.
  • Where to search for inspiration.
  • When to ask for help.

Is it time to elevate the professional attire in your workplace?

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