When it comes to watches, we’re all familiar with the classics and know exactly where we plan to look when shopping for an investment piece. Finding interesting new brands with great style, price points and quality is a different story. There is a large disparity in this specific market with both high and low options, but quite little in between.

Larsson and Jennings is a Swiss-made watch designer we’re obsessed with at the moment for their ability to capture all the things we’re looking for in a every day watch. They’ve successfully mastered contemporary style with luxury craftsmanship by reimagining classic designs to suit present day stylings.


The brand was founded in 2012 by a young British finance manager who lacked experience in the field but recognized this void in the industry. In the four years since inception, Larsson and Jennings has taken off in ways that few other watch labels have been capable of, selling to consumers all over the world, opening flagship stores in both London and New York, and securing strategic high-end stockists with the likes of Net-a-Porter and Harvey Nichols.

The UK-based brand is shaking up the notion of Swiss watches and the idea that they are quite old fashion. Instead, they are targeting the likes of customers interested in design, fashion, quality and creativity. In addition, Larsson and Jennings has been able to come in at an affordable price point (most styles fit in the range of $360-$550), making their product and easy purchase decision for consumers looking for a great watch alternative to the investment-type styles.


Get ready to see this watch brand all over the place in the year to come. The company has their eye on new US markets for additional stores (specifically Los Angeles) and has been strategic with marketing and advertising ventures in an effort to reach the fashion and lifestyle tastemakers.

This is one of ur go-to brands for clients who are looking for new and exciting watches. Interested in adding a Larsson and Jenning watch to your collection? Let your Personal Stylist arrange for you to try a variety of styles within the comfort of your home.


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