Lock and Co Hatters is the world’s oldest hat maker, with it’s origins dating back to 1676. It’s shop is currently located on James Street in London where it has resided since 1764. It’s hard to imagine something so old being so relevant in the world of fashion, but when it comes to hats, their expertise is unrivaled.

With 340 years of history under their belt, Lock and Co has the rare ability to take claim for one of the most iconic hat styles of all time: the bowler. In 1849 the company was commissioned to make a more sturdy alternative to the top hat and went on to create a style we would wear for years to come.

Lock and Co has dressed the heads of notable figures throughout their entire existence from Charlie Chaplin to generations of the British monarch and from A-list celebs like David Beckham and Johnny Depp.

It is fascinating to see a brand who has been able to remain coveted and relevant over such a long period of time. Scroll through some prominent Instagram accounts and you won’t be able to miss the presence of this hat designer amongst fashion bloggers’ most favorite wardrobe pieces. What was once an accessory for functionality has now become a street style staple.

We’re currently obsessing over the fedora (for men and women) and would kill for one in every color. It just goes to show that focusing on what you’re good at and not trying to be something for everyone goes a long way in the world of fashion. Lock and Co has perfected the art of hat making and has solidified their presence within the industry.
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