Vintage denim is something fashion editors and bloggers are constantly singing the praises of, but typically quite difficult for the everyday shopper to get their hands on. Other than hunting through racks at second hand stores, options have been relatively limited. Enter RE/DUN, the denim powerhouse from entrepreneurs Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur.

If you aren’t yet familiar with the brand, RE/DUN is an LA based denim-speacialitst who sources the best styles of vintage Levi’s, deconstructs them, then re-works them into modern day styles. In short, they retain all the elements of a pair of vintage jeans – the rips, tears, whispers and ruggedness, while providing a fit that is relevant to today’s styling.


To deliver such a product, the brand adheres to a strict denim screening process for what is appropriate to sell, with set standards in terms of year, pattern and size. Each pair that comes into the office, sent from nation-wide rag houses, is inspected one-by-one to insure it meets this criteria. Once a style is approved, it is completely taken apart, reworked against one of their set patterns, and put back together in a new form. The original denim works as the fabric to create a brand new product. In short, RE/DUN is keeping heritage alive for all the vintage-loving enthusiasts, while allowing for the availability of relevant styles and sizing.


What has allowed for the major success of this brand is a testament to the current state of fashion. The zeitgeist of today is one of uniqueness and individuality, where people are looking for their clothing to express who they are and not blend in with the crowd. We see this with the prevalence of DIY and the mass of online clothing customization tutorials across all social media platforms. Individuals are looking for things that directly reflect their personal aesthetic, and RE/DUN speaks to this desire.

Looking to get your hands on a pair of perfectly reworked vintage jeans? Get in line, as you’re not alone. Sold online on the brand’s e-commerce site as well as Barney’s New York and various other small retailers nationwide, the wait time for your favorite style can be upwards of two months. The great news, no two pairs will ever be the same and you will truly get that individual experience of a style that is just for you.


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