Steal His Style: How to Dress Like Justin Theroux


So you want to recreate Justin Theroux’s style for yourself? That doesn’t come as a surprise – a lot of men feel the exact same way. Something about the look so effortlessly cool every single time he steps out of the house.

There is no question about it – Justin Theroux is a very, very stylish man. He looks great in everything he wears, from a suit all the way down to jeans and a tee. He can even pull off a tank top, which in the world of fashion, is a nearly impossible thing to do unless you pay attention to all the “tank top rules”. He absolutely nails cool-guy street style in such an effortless manner that it almost feels as though he’s never had to question an outfit choice in his life.

The actor/director/screen-writer has the badass biker look down to a science, with what we can only assume is the world’s largest collection of leather jackets. He knows what works well on him, sticks to classic pieces, and doesn’t get caught up in the fads of the moment. His look is timeless – something we’ve seen and will continue to see for years to come.


For men looking to capture elements of Justin’s style and recreate it in your daily dressing, we’re here to help!

For starters, there’s a few key items you will need – once you have them, it just takes some mixing and matching. Focus on statement jackets (leather and bomber styles), vintage tees and classic solid color styles, worn in leather boots, suede chelsea boots, aviator glasses and an array of slim cut jeans. As well, don’t be afraid to add in some cool accessories like hats, watches and necklaces.

We love how Justin layers pieces, opts for items that look more worn in, and above all else, looks confident in everything he puts on.

One of the first exerceises we work through with a new client during their style consultation is identifying their ‘style icon’ – someone who’s look they strive to emulate. It is fair to say that wanting to learn how to dress like Justin Theroux comes up more than almost any other male celebrity in the street style cateogy.


Even if you aren’t working with a Personal Stylist, identifying people who inspire you is one of the easiest, and most efficient ways to develop your uniqe sense of style. If Justin Theroux’s style is one you’d like to emulate, studying his looks and the way he pairs items together, will give you lots of insight into how you can adapt his laid back vibe for youself. Trial and error is the best way to approach developing your personal style and figuring out what works for you.

To help you get inspired, scroll down for some of his most stylish fashion moments, and let Justin Theroux be your go-to for off-duty style this summer.

If you’re ready to learn how to dress like the stylish actor, here are lots of inspiration photos to get you started. Scroll down for some of Justin Theroux’s best dressed style moments to help you capture his look and get you inspired.


justin-theroux-bomber-jacketjustin-theroux-casual-stylejustin-theroux-black-leather-pants justin-theroux-casual-style justin-theroux-chelsea-boots justin-theroux-green-jacket justin-theroux-leather-jacket justin-theroux-ny-jacket Justin-theroux-style justin-theroux-white-jeansjustin-theroux-casual-style-chelsea-bootsjustin-theroux-white-jeans justin-theroux-stylejustin-theroux-best-dressed-malejustin-theroux-leather-jacket justin-theroux-leather justin-theroux-style justin-theroux-suit

For more style inspiration ideas, check out our Pinterest page filled with lots of boards and references that will get you started. Don’t forget, learning from someone else who has already mastered a skill is often a great place to start when trying something new. If you find someone you look up to, like Justin Theroux, try recreating some of their looks and see how you can adapt their style to make it your own.

If you need help developing a strategy for your image, and are looking for a men’s Personal Stylist, our team has you covered! From creating a message for your image, to rewrorking what you currently own in your closet, and finally shopping for some new pieces – our concierge styling process takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to look like an effortlessly stylish man.

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