Steal Her Style: How to Dress Like Rosie Huntington Whiteley


If there is one thing to be said about Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s style, it’s that she’s mastered the art of a cohesive, swoon-worthy look.  She’s the poster girl for effortless chic, never appearing to be trying too hard but always leaving us saying, “why didn’t we think of that outfit?”.

The supermodel/actress/mom should also add ‘style superstar’ to her list of titles, with a look that is one part classic, one part rock and roll, and all parts elevated minimalism. 

Her leather skinny jeans and statement jackets give her look some edge, while her go-to flowing sweaters, dresses and tops add an element of feminintiy. The contrast between the two, combined with more neutral palettes, provide the outline for her signature cool-girl style. She typically errs on the side of ‘less is more’, mixing and matching simple pieces to create a refined look.


If you want to learn how to dress like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, and recreate her effortless style for yourself, we’re here to help! Her look is almost formulaic, which takes a lot of the guesswork out of what to wear. It also makes it that much easier to to incorporate her fashion strategies into your everyday wardrobe.

What she’s mastered above all else is defining her unique sense of style and determining what she wants her message to say. If you haven’t done this for yourself, give it a try – it’s the first place to start when building your signature look. Once you’ve defined your message, it becomes that much easier to select clothing that fits the criteria.


Scanning through a few of Whiteley’s photos would make you think that everything she wears came from the same designer. This is certainly not an accident. She’s mastered the art of the capsule wardrobe, where everythig pairs with each other and easily mixes and matches. This is the primary benefit of getting clear about your sense of style – it means that all the pieces in your closet have a unifrom look. When we teach our clients about the best fashion tips for women, this lesson is at the top of the list.

Even if you aren’t working with a Personal Stylist, you can put these strategies in place for yourself, which will help you get clear on your message in order to build a comprehensive capsule wardrobe.

If Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s style is one you’d like to emulate, studying her looks and the way she pairs items together, will give you lots of insight into how you can adapt her effortlessly chic vibe for youself. Trial and error is the best way to approach developing your personal style and figuring out what works for you.

To help you get inspired, scroll down for some of her most stylish outfits, and let Rosie be your go-to for off-duty street style.


rosie-huntington-whiteley-outfitrosie-huntington-whiteley-green-skirtrosie-huntington-whiteley-outfit-stylerosie-huntington-whiteley-style-outfitrosie-huntington-whiteley-blazerrosie-huntington-whiteley-tan-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-black-outfitrosie-huntington-whiteley-blazerrosie-huntington-whiteley-leopard-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-white-bodysuitsrosie-huntington-whiteley-green-jacketrosie-huntington-whiteley-brown-suitrosie-huntington-whiteley-monochromerosie-huntington-whiteley-tan-blazerrosie-huntington-whiteley-white-pantsrosie-huntington-whiteley-black-bootsrosie-huntington-whiteley-green-pantsrosie-huntington-whiteley-tan-blazerrosie-huntington-whiteley-casual-stylerosie-huntington-whiteley-fur-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-suede-bootsrosie-huntington-whiteley-all-blackrosie-huntington-whiteley-jumpsuitrosie-huntington-whiteley-white-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-yellow-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-outfitrosie-huntington-whiteley-style rosie-huntington-whiteley-leather-pantsrosie-huntington-whiteley-black-crop-toprosie-huntington-whiteley-orange-coatrosie-huntington-whiteley-blue-plaid rosie-huntington-whiteley-hat

For more style inspiration ideas, check out our Pinterest page filled with lots of boards and references that will get you started. Don’t forget, learning from someone else who has already mastered a skill is often a great place to start when trying something new. If Rosie Huntington Whiteley’s style is one you look up to, try recreating some of her looks and see how you can adapt her style to make it your own.

If you need help developing a strategy for your image, and are looking for a Personal Stylist, our team has you covered! From creating a message for your image, to rewrorking what you currently own in your closet, and finally shopping for some new pieces – our concierge styling process takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to look effortlessly stylish.

Want to see if we’re a good fit for your goals? Our style consultations are free of charge and provide a great opportunity to speak with a Personal Stylist in regards to your image.

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