Steal Her Style: How to Dress Like Victoria Beckham


Victoria Beckham’s style has evolved over the years, most notably from her Posh Spice days. But even after that, she shifted her look from sexy and glam to chic and minimalistic, in a largely transformative way.

Today we know her as a modern fashion icon, not only due to the massive success she’s had as a designer and business leader, but also because she’s set the bar for what it means to own your sense of style. She knows what works for her frame and what she’s comfortable wearing – it’s become her signature look and she doesn’t deviate.

And while that may sound predictable, it’s anything but. Beckham continuously steps out in outfits that both completely suit her image and also feel like nothing we’ve seen her wear before. A balance that’s actually quite difficult to achieve. A new shoe trend, for example, will all of a sudden be in heavy rotation and will suit her look to perfection, even though we never would have imagined her wearing it before. She constantly reinvents herself while also staying true to her foundation.


The designer has mastered the art of the outfit formula, recreating looks that work with different pieces from her wardrobe. She focuses on lots of layering, monochromatic color palettes, minimal skin showing, androgynous styles, simple accessories, and understated prints.

If you want to recreate this type of look for yourself, the primary takeaway is to build a capsule wardrobe. While we always advise clients to start with this step, especially when focusing on the most important tips for achieving great style, it’s ever so imperative when trying to create a look like Beckham’s.

A capsule wardrobe is the cross section of fashion and functionality, where everything pairs together and can easily be mixed and matched. If you look through photos of Victoria Beckham’s style, it’s quite evident that this is something she’s invested time into achieving.


And as with any fashion direction you’re trying to take on as your own, we always stress that trial and error is the best way to approach developing your personal style and figuring out what works for you. When you experiment with fashion you get to see what you feel comfortable in and what is authentically you.

If you’re ready to learn how to dress like the fashion icon, here are lots of reference photos to get you started.¬†Scroll down for¬†some of Victoria Beckham’s best outfits to help you capture her look and get you inspired.


victoria-beckham-casual-stylewomens-style-tipsvictoria-beckham-pleated-skirtvictoria-beckham-black-pantsVictoria-Beckham-Style-blazervictoria-beckham-black-skirtVictoria-Beckham-Style-whitevictoria-beckham-grey-suitvictoria-beckham-casual-style victoria-beckham-red-dress victoria-beckham-style-white-skirtVictoria-Beckham-jeansVictoria-Beckham-Style-tan-dressvictoria-beckham-leather-pantsvictoria-beckham-plaid-pantsvictoria-beckham-black-lace Victoria-Beckham-Style-red-pantsvictoria-beckham-all-denimvictoria-beckham-blue-skirtVictoria-Beckham-Style-print-skirtvictoria-beckham-all-greenvictoria-beckham-black-dressvictoria-beckham-jeansvictoria-beckham-style Victoria-Beckham-Style-skirtvictoria-beckham-grey-pantsvictoria-beckham-tee-shirt Victoria-Beckham-Style-green-suitVictoria-Beckham-Blue-Pants

For more style inspiration ideas, check out our Pinterest page filled with lots of boards and references that will get you started. Don’t forget, learning from someone else who has already mastered a skill is often a great place to start when trying something new. If you find someone you look up to, like Victoria Beckham try recreating some of their looks and see how you can adapt their style to make it your own.

If you need help developing a strategy for your image, and are looking for a Personal Stylist, our team has you covered! From creating a message for your image, to rewrorking what you currently own in your closet, and finally shopping for some new pieces – our concierge styling process takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to look like an effortlessly stylish man.

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