5 Reasons to Use a Personal Stylist to Help Improve Your Professional Image

You want to improve your professional image so that you can make greater strides in your career – you’re certainly not alone.

Your wardrobe should work for you, as a tool that always helps you look and feel your best. But if you’re like most people, knowing how to use clothing to your strategic advantage can feel like a shot in the dark.

Conflicting information over what a business dress code entails as well as an uncertainty over what really looks best on your body, makes the whole idea of personal style feel more daunting than exciting.

Developing an image that feels both authentic to who you are and representative of the message you want to convey, is instrumental to the success of your career

If you want to command authority, be viewed as the leader in your field or take on clients with bigger portfolios and larger responsibilites, carrying yourself at a higher level is imperative. Just as you wouldn’t leave your negotiating or leadership skills to chance, so too should you not leave your image.

If you want to take the confusion out of what to wear to work, here are 5 ways a Personal Stylist can help.


When you work with a Personal Stylist, you’ll be guided through a series of steps that will help you determine the unique message you want your look to convey. From gathering style inspiration to narrowing in on the adjectives you want to embody, the process guarantees that you approach your image with a concrete strategy, rather than just at random.

Building a relationship with a Personal Stylist doesn’t mean you don’t have an interest in fashion, but often that you just require a style refreshment or a second set of eyes.  It’s easy to fall into a routine and end up wearing the same types of items, unsure of how to try something new or what might be better suited for you.

If you want to improve your professional image, it’s important to recognize where your strengths are and when to seek outside help. We’ll show you how to elevate your sense of style by choosing pieces that refine and polish your image, while still staying authentically true to who you are.


Confusion over how to dress for your body type can often leave you feeling discouraged. There’s so much available information on the internet but it’s hard to know what to trust. The most important part about developing your style is choosing clothing you feel great in – and there’s nothing that feels better than wearing clothing that fits. Meeting you in person means we see your body first hand and make shopping choices suited for your proportions. By selecting cuts that enhance your shape, and putting together outfits uniquely styled to suit your frame, we’ll teach you how to build a wardrobe that makes you feel like your most confident self and look your absolute best.


Hectic work and life schedules often mean the last thing you have time for is shopping.  Even the thought of buying online can be overwhemling when factoring in the possibility of returns. Our concierge services mean that we bring the mall to you at a time that’s most convenient with your schedule. No need to worry about fitting in a shopping trip on your lunch hour or finding time to ship back orders that didn’t fit. We handle your wardrobe from start-to-finish so that you always have what you need, when you need it.


What we wear may seem like a small factor in the bigger picture of our careers, but it’s far more important than we tend to give credit to. First impressions are formed in an instant, and they’re generally based around the way we carry ourselves. If we want to be viewed as a leader, it’s important we have an image that commands authority. Should we want to be perceived as trustworthy, it’s essential that our look evokes safety. But sometimes knowing how to do those things is easier said than done.

Far too often our lack of attention to wardrobe holds us back. This is frustrating, because clothing certainly doesn’t determine one’s actual competence or credibility; it does however, influence others’ perception of those qualities – and that reality impacts our opportunities. We’ll show you exactly how to win the first impression so that you show future prospects exactly why they should be working with you.


When it comes to inner confidence, often the right clothing can work like a suit of armor to give the extra boost we need to not just look the part, but to feel it too, and carry ourselves accordingly. Putting on formal clothing makes us feel powerful, and that changes the basic way we see the world and the role we play in it.

Our image is one of many tools available to help us succeed in our careers. When used correctly, it fosters the ability for us to feel empowered, comfortable in our own skin, and above all else – confident.



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Learn how to create a message that authentically represents you.


Perform at a higher level through increased self-confidence.

Elevated sense of style that helps you look and feel your best.

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