Victoria Beckham lit up the streets of New York City last week in a canary yellow ensemble. Accustom to seeing her in mostly black or neutral palettes, this shift in color was a head-turner for the 42 year old designer. Beckham’s look included a 3/4 sleeve duster coat with a coordinating dress, both in the hue, paired with nude shoes and oversized tortoise shell glasses. Since stepping out in the look just last week, the vibrant yellow has been a fashion discussion all over the internet. And while the presence of this color was abundant on Spring/Summer 2016 runways, there was something about seeing it on someone who never wears yellow that gave it an extra boost.

Yellow ws one of those colors that doesn’t find it’s way into majority of closets. Perhaps because it is bold, bright and definitely in your face. As well, depending on your skin tone, it can be a tough color to pull off. Most people tend to steer clear of the hue, but we’re here to suggest you give it a try this season:


 How to Wear Yellow for Summer 2016.


#1 Pair it with Another Color

Yellow requires a strong color to counterpart it’s boldness. This is why red heads rock the hue with ease. Pair yellow against another bold color to make it’s true essence come to life. It compliments just about every other color in the rainbow, so get creative.


#2 Pop An Accessory

Not sold on the hue? The easiest way to pay respect to the color of the season is by introducing it in small doses. Try a yellow tote, scarf or necklace, and pair it with a more neutral colored look.


#3 Keep It Primary

Stark yellow is always a great pairing with true blue or red. Since all three are primary colors, it’s a safe bet that you can wear two or all three together in the same look.


#4 Try it in Print

If you’re really fearful of yellow, opt for a printed fabric as a way of showcasing the color. The combination, mixed with other more neutral pieces will subdue the yellow and make it feel more manageable in your wardrobe.


#5 Go Playful

Yellow is one of those colors closely associated with feelings of flirty, playfulness and fun. Let those emotions inspire your look by wearing it in flowing skirts, dresses or anything that feels overly feminine.

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