If you’re like most men we know, chances are you own a combination of black, grey and navy suits. They work in every environment, require little effort to pair with shirt and tie colors and blend in with the rest of the male population. The curse of these three color variations however is that they become lack-luster with time. There’s nothing overly exciting about putting on your navy suit, especially when outside the office.

Most men stick with the conventional colors because they’re unsure of how to wear something more out of the box and lack the confidence to carry it with ease. We’re here to show you that adding color to your suiting collection is simple when you follow the right styling guidelines.


How to Wear a Colored Suit:

Take small steps forward by starting with colors like tan, green and blue. These are neutral but still add some excitement to your look.

Keep the attention focused. If you opt for more of a bright colored suit, be sure to pair with a subtle shirt and accessories.

Try mixing and matching by wearing a colored jacket with a neutral pant. Black, tan, white and grey are great choices.

As a default, tan shoes work with every color and are a clean way to bring your look together. Brown is a great secondary option when pairing with less neutral suits.

As always, be sure to ensure proper fit and tailoring.


To get you started we’ve pulled together references of some very stylish gentleman who know how to wear a colored suit with ease. Scroll down for inspiration. 


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