We are contacted on a regular basis with questions about who our Personal Stylists are. And while the collection of our professionals is too extensive to outline one by one, we thought we would give you an idea of just who makes up the MiKADO team.

From day one, we’ve always known that hiring expert talent would be the foundation of our business and the benchmark to set us apart. The knowledge of dressing well is one thing, but understanding how to relay this to a diverse client base with varying needs is another. Our Personal Stylists encompass both of these skill sets and bring with them a wide array of industry experiences.

MiKADO Personal Stylists commonly come from careers in fashion buying, designer retail and merchandising, celebrity styling, corporate image creation and maintenance, personal shopping, trend forecasting and freelance personal styling. With such a diverse group comes expertise in a plethora of areas. We pride ourselves on this in order to properly tend to the unique needs of our individual clients. After all, the shopping and styling experience looks completely different for each and every person.

When a new client initially starts with MiKADO, we work through an extensive set of questions to properly asses their needs and personality traits. We believe that there are certain Personal Stylists more suited for certain types of clients and want to create the best pairing possible. Some areas of specific niche requests include: menswear, plus-size, vintage or collectors, celebrity, formal wear, cultural or ethnic regulations, and we have professionals working strictly with clients needing these services to provide them with the most fulfilling experience possible.

While all our Personal Stylists work individually with clients, we also come together to share knowledge and information in an effort to collectively produce as a team. This includes leads on unheard of brands and designers, updates on store sales and new arrivals, trends of the season, styling tips and tricks and runway to real-way inspiration.

Above all else, MiKADO Personal Stylists are men and women who absolutely love what they do for a living and excel on providing such a personalized service to their clients.

Personal Stylists, Personal Shoppers and Wardrobe Consultants available in the Los Angeles and New York City areas.

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