5 Ways to Create Effortless Work From Home Outfits


Photo credit: Helena Lopes

Written by: Tess DiNapoli

Whether you love it or hate it, working from home has become the new normal for a lot of people across the globe. CEOs, receptionists, account managers, and a slew of other office employees have all migrated from the office to the kitchen table. But between the seemingly endless Zoom calls and everyday distractions, it’s important to give some thought to what you’re wearing.

Sure, the only one seeing your outfit in all its glory might be your cat, but that’s no reason to let your style slide. In fact, you’ll feel better about yourself and more prepared to take on all the day has to throw your way. Whether it’s elevating your sweats to a whole new level or even–dare I say it–putting on jeans, these effortless work from home outfits are just what you need to revitalize your fashion and style, all while staying comfortable.

1. Rock Some Comfortable Jeans

I know; jeans are so 2019, but not every pair is uncomfortable. You just have to get the right cut and fabric. A high-waisted, stretchy, wide-legged trouser made from cotton offers plenty of room for you to move around and keep comfortable. Whether you’ve made a yoga ball into your chair or you’re parked on the couch, these pants will have you feeling more put together.

Pair them with a stylish graphic t-shirt, and if you’re feeling extra motivated, opt for a belt to give you a pop of color.

2. Dress Up That Oversized Cardigan

This is one we’re all guilty of. Cardigan, tank top, and leggings. It’s essentially become a uniform at this point, but frankly, it’s not the height of fashion. There’s actually a lot you can do with a cardigan, however, and it starts with accessories. A chunky necklace and bold earring, for example, can go a long way in dressing up this bland look. Additionally, wearing a bright blouse underneath will provide a great contrast against the simple cardigan.

Plus, you can still pair it with leggings to keep comfy, cozy, and fashionable at home!

3. Ditch the Sweats for Some Joggers

Joggers are a great alternative to your sweatpants from college. Wearing sweats is great, but they often put us in a relaxed mood–not ideal for reaching deadlines and getting things done. Joggers are a happy medium. They’re not as fitted as jeans or leggings, but they certainly aren’t as baggy as sweats. With options in cotton, denim, and more, these bottoms are becoming the new chic look or loads of women in the office. Get a fitted pair that highlights your curves, and you can really style them to the max.

Wear your joggers with a flowy blouse and a cute pair of sneakers for an on-trend look that wraps function, fashion, and feeling good all in one.

4. Don’t Be Affriad to Dress it Up

Wearing your best office clothes may be low on your list of priorities, and it’s pretty low on ours as well. Instead of wearing your best blazer and dress pants, why not opt for a flowy dress or skirt? One of the perks of working from home is being able to wear (almost) whatever you want. So, if you feel like rocking your favorite sundress with an adorable boho jacket, no one’s stopping you! Or style a trendy jean skirt with a cute graphic t-shirt to showcase your unique personality.

Whether it’s a t-shirt dress or maxi skirt, you can rock these “dressy” looks any day of the week from your home office.

5. Go For It With a Jumpsuit

A jumpsuit doesn’t have to be constricting and uncomfortable. There are tons of flowy and effortless one-piece ensembles that will turn heads during virtual meetings and keep you comfortable all day. You can move with ease and look amazing from head to toe in a bold-print jumpsuit.

Style it with a cute sweater for some extra warmth, or keep it simple with some small stud earrings and delicate jewelry.

Working from home can be a drag, we get it, but that doesn’t have to translate into your wardrobe. It’s important to remember your style and maybe even revamp it while you’re working from home!

Looking for inspiration online or consulting a stylist is a great place to begin, so start today, and get your fashion back on track!


Tess DiNapoli is an artist, writer, and copy strategist who works with companies like Magnolia Boutique. She has a passion for yoga and often writes about health, wellness and travel, but also enjoys covering the fashion industry and getting insight on the latest trends.

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