1. Understanding Your Body Shape: Struggling to know which cuts of clothing are the most flattering for you body? Welcome to the club! Majority of people have no idea how to best flatter their figures with clothing and just hope their choices are the right ones. With a Stylist, you’ll learn there’s an actual science behind balancing out proportions and quickly identifying which styles are best for your shape.

2. Skipping the Mall: Looking for parking, waiting in line, pesky sales associates and the inundation of overwhelming options, are just a few reasons the mall is a a dreaded way to shop. When you leave your wardrobe in the hands of a Stylist, they’re the one braving the mall on your behalf, bringing everything to you and letting you try new clothing on in the comfort of your home.

3. Creating a Style Uniform: The biggest challenge with personal style is not having a plan built with intention, but rather trying to develop your image at random. It makes getting dressed everyday feel like a nightmare – not really sure what you should be wearing but hoping for the best. When you work with an expert you put time into developing what you want your image to convey and then purchasing clothing based around your goals. Your closet is always stocked with items that work in conjunction with one another, creating a personal uniform for everyday life. 

4. Breaking Your Habits: When you find a look that works for you, chances are you buy variations of that same item, replicating the original outfit and not branching out to new things. Years pass and you notice your entire closet is filled with the same things. Sound familiar? When you work with a personal stylist, you’re introduced to outfit ideas that you’ve never considered. Often in trying new things, you discover that the style choices you’ve been making aren’t necessarily the ones that are best for you but rather the ones you’re familiar with.

5. Building Confidence: Self-empowerment is the number one reason to strive for a sense of personal style that reflects who you are. When you dress in a way that builds congruency between your inside self and your outside image, you get to show the world the truest version of who you are. Feeling at home in our bodies and the way we present them on an everyday basis – from the boardroom to the playground – is everything!

6. Saving Time: Outsourcing the tasks you don’t want to do or don’t effectively know how to complete is a game changer for time savings and efficiency. When you put your shopping and style needs in the hands of a trained expert, you’re freeing yourself from the hours you’d typically spend wandering the mall or perusing online stores, trying to guess at what you should purchase next.

7. Maximizing the Utility of What You Own: The clothing that hangs in your closet should all be getting used to it’s fullest potential, yet majority of people only wear a small percentage of what they own. This is no way to get value out of your hard earned money. With a Personal Stylist on hand, you learn which items in your closet will help you reach your style goals and which should be donated to get more love from someone else. 

8. Always having Outfits on Hand: One of the best parts about working with a trained fashion eye is having someone who will help you create lots of outfit variations using what you own, for the various areas of your life. What to wear to work, on weekends, for date nights etc are all planned from head to toe so that you never have to stress over putting a great look together. Easiest of all, everything is photographed and compiled into a Look Book – all you have to do is flip it open and choose!

Personal Stylist Look Book

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