How Our Virtual Personal Styling Services Work


Style Consulting

Meet with your Personal Stylist over video conference calls for on-going support, education and assistance with all things fashion-related.

Use What You Own

Work through your existing wardrobe to determine what aligns with your current goals and how to create new outfit combinations using what you already have. 

Or Add New Things

Receive recommendations that will help you purchase new pieces, all uniquely selected for you based on your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic.


Virtual Personal Styling Packages



✔️ Personalized Style-Strategy: eliminates the confusion over how to dress, what to wear for your body type and coloring.

✔️ Visual Style Guide: real world outfit examples designed to suit your unique style, that you will easily recreate.

✔️ Stores + Brands Database: recommended places to shop from to achieve your style.



✔️ 9-Step Closet Edit: results in an expert determination of exactly what to keep and get rid of in your wardrobe.

✔️ Future Shopping List: a personalized breakdown of what’s missing in your closet, and suggestions on what to add.

✔️ Stores-&-Brands Database: recommendations on where to shop for new clothing, based on your style and preferences.



✔️ Digital Look Book: photos of all your clothing, shoes and accessories styled into a wide variety of outfit combinations.

✔️ Lifestyle Assessment: learn the best outfit combinations for the different areas of your personal/professional life.

✔️ Personalized Style-Strategy: how to reach your style goals using the clothing you own.



✔️ Full-service, 100% done for you concierge personal shopping + styling.

✔️ Digital Shopping Portal: with links to a wide variety of suggested products, all uniquely selected to suit your preferences.

✔️ Concierge Services: our team will place and coordinate all online orders and have packages delivered to your home.

✔️ Virtual Fittings: try on purchases with your Stylist over Zoom.



✔️ Personal style consulting in a 60 minute virtual session.

✔️ Used to address any and all style related concerns, provide feedback and coaching, and strategize solutions. Topics including, but not limited to: image development, proper fit, existing wardrobe, shopping protocols, personal branding, store + brand suggestions.

✔️ Comprehenisve in-take questionnaire provided ahead of the session.

Let’s talk about who virtual personal styling is really for….

You are someone who is ready to make the ultimate shift from struggling to know what your style is, feeling like you lack the confidence in what you wear and how you present yourself, to building your unique sense style and feeling good in clothing – without any of the complicated rules. 

Whether you’re….

✔️ A busy mom who’s been putting everyone else first, that wants to figure out how to dress well for this chapter in life, and knows that putting attention into yourself helps you show up more fully for everyone around you.

✔️ A professional on the rise who understands that building an image that represents the superstar human you are, is your ticket to creating more opportunity in your business or career, and building more confidence to go after what you want.

✔️ A self-development seeker who’s motivated to take the day-to-day confusion out of style so you can easily put together awesome outfits with ease, no longer questioning whether or not something works for you.


You’re in the right place and we’d be thrilled to support you on your journey to creating a sense of style that makes you feel like YOU!


Service Support Guarantee

MiKADO is a place where the genuine care and trust of our clients is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and attention to detail for our clients who will always enjoy a safe, welcoming, and transformative experience.

With that being said, we want you to have the utmost confidence in your purchase, knowing if for any reason you are not satisfied with the outcome of your project, we will continue working with you until you are, free of any additional charge.

Our Service Support Guarantee means you have unlimited revisions and edits available to you on all packages. 

I have always had difficulty putting outfits together and what to wear for my body type. I was never comfortable with the way I looked in clothes and hid my body. 

I have 100% changed the way I think about shopping and how to utilize the pieces I have in my closet. My self-confidence regarding my body type has changed 90% and have an overall positive mindset about the way I look and feel when I leave the house.

I embraced my body type and stopped buying clothes to cover up my imperfections.”

– Debbie Vargo, Indiana

“Before doing this work I was conflicted and trying so hard to fit into things I thought were stylish but that really didn’t suit me.

I now know have a my personal style statement and have experienced how good it feels to accept my own body and flatter it with my style choices. I was so happy to learn a strategy to help me stop focusing on my perceived flaws and really invest in making myself feel good with style.

– Diana Webb, New Mexico



Are you affiliated with certain brands?

No. We pride ourselves on being able to provide access to all the brands you love, without restrictions. Unlike subscription services, we do not make a commission off of the clothing you buy. This means we can suggest products from anywhere and everywhere you like without ever being incentivized for you to buy certain items. We’ll source clothes from brands you already love and wear, while introducing you to new ones that align with your style.

Do I have to buy new clothes to get help?

No! If you’re like a lot of the people we work with, you have a closet filled with clothing and feel stuck knowing what to do with it. This is super common! Rather than spending money buying more of what you already have, we’ll teach you how to get the most out of what you already own. We do this by showing you how to edit your closet and create new outfit combinations, made up entirely of the clothing, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe.

How does my Stylist know what I need?

The first step in every project is a Style Strategy Session. During this call, you’ll go through a thorough in-take process to determine your preferences, goals and body type. Together we’ll come up with a list of items you’d like to add to your closet so that your Personal Stylist knows exactly what to source for you. We’re committed to getting to know you and your lifestyle as well as possible so we can can find you the clothes that help you look and feel your best.

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