Few things flood men with as much existential despair as walking into a shopping mall for the simple purpose of ‘browsing to see what we can find’. The sheer volume of possibilities induces a type of panic and discomfort that ceases to exist in life outside of a retail store.

When it comes right down to it, there’s one reason in a man’s mind that the mall is to be avoided at all costs: options. Options mean choices, and choices mean having to know what the right one actually is. And does anyone know what the right one is when it comes to buying new clothes? In the time spent trying to determine that answer, most men will convince themselves that the mall is a place to visit only in moments of desperation.

Though it seems impossible to believe, there’s actually one scenario that flips this entire notion on it’s head and has men excited about the prospect of purchasing new clothing.

So much so that we built our entire business model around it!


A rack of clothing shows up at your home, at a time you’re available and don’t have to be in the office. It’s filled with items that are all in your size, suit your aesthetic and fit your lifestyle needs. Why? Because you’ve already met with an expert style consultant who gathered as much information from you as possible so that they could scour the mall and locate great clothing on your behalf. You try on the items you like, compare them to what you already own, get a thumbs up for approval from your significant other, and keep only the things you want to purchase.

All on your terms, no pressure sales tactics from store associates. Find shopping more manageable with a glass of champagne (or two)? Not to worry, that’s part of the experience.

Everything you purchase gets added straight into your closet, and just like that you have a brand new wardrobe without ever stepping foot into a mall. 48 hours later you receive a digital look book showing you how to mix and match your new items so that you never have to stress over putting great outfits together yourself.

What’s the secret to the perfect shopping experience? Leaving it in the hands of an expert and letting us bring the mall to YOU!



Personal Stylists, Personal Shoppers and Wardrobe Consultants available in the Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City areas.

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