6 Style Rules Women with Timeless Style Follow


Have you ever noticed that some women with timeless style that have a certain way of looking consistently chic and well dressed? The ones who always seem to have the ability to be put together under any circumstance, all done with the most effortless ease. While it can be natural to envy these women, there is no secret skill set they posses that you do not, but rather a set of style rules they routinely follow.

Achieving the personal image you desire doesn’t have to be a challenge, so long as you have a plan in place. Women with timeless style understand that by following a set of rules, the guess-work is removed from getting dressed every day. Like anything in life, having a strategy and knowing what you need makes you much more well-equipped for any situation.

One of the first exerceises we work through with a new client during their style consultation is identifying key adjectives that describe the look they want to achieve. It will come as no surprise that “timeless” and “classic” are the two most popular descriptors we hear from most women.

Even if you aren’t working with a Personal Stylist, identifying what you want your image to look like is the first step in develop your uniqe sense of style. Without knowing your direction, it’s very challenging to know where you want to head. 

If you want to learn how to achieve a timeless style for yourself, here are 6 rules that will help you get there. And as always, we love visuals as a means of inspiration, so here are lots of photo references to get you started.


Women with timeless style know that spending a little extra money on the basic wardrobe essentials means that they will always have access to good quality pieces that stand the test of time. Basics are items that belong in every woman’s closet and can carry them across a variety of settings.

We suggest investing in neutral denim and slack options, versatile coats, classic white button downs, fitted dresses, structured blazers, classic leather handbags and staple footwear. These pieces will be worn time and time again, thus making them worth the investment.



Fads or trends are the items that gain overnight attention but have little staying power. A key style rule is knowing not to waste too much time focusing on these pieces, spending money on something that won’t be relevant for long. While we always suggest buying something if you truly can’t stop thinking about, make sure you keep these purchases to a minimum and focus on the classics. Women with timeless style know that getting distracted by fads just means they’ll need to continuously update their closet.

As Personal Stylists, we stress the importance of a capsule wardrobe when working with our clients. It’s always better to have fewer items that are more basic than an abundance of trend-oriented pieces that become outdated quite quickly. If you want to add in some of these pieces, we recommend doing so at a lower price point and investing more money in staple pieces. 



Understanding your body shape is a key piece in successfully achieving a timeless look. When you know which styles and cuts work for your body you eliminate countless hours in store change rooms and a closet filled with items that go unworn. Women who dress with ease know exactly what flatters their body and what to avoid, always enhancing their best assets. If you aren’t sure of your shape, do some research into the most common categories female body types are separated into and identify which one you fall into. Shopping for your body shape ensures you always look and feel your best.

Confusion over how to dress for your body type can often leave you feeling discouraged. The most important part about developing your style is choosing clothing you feel great in – and there’s nothing that feels better than wearing clothing that fits. 



Every well-dressed woman has a go-to tailor on speed dial and understands the importance of properly fitted garments. Making a minor alteration on something too large or unstructured can have a major impact on its overall aesthetic. Shortening sleeve lengths on jackets and blouses, hemming the length of pants, and taking in the mid-section on blazers for example, can completely transform their look on the body. Understanding that one piece of clothing isn’t going to have a universal fit is key, and that adjustments where needed make all the difference, is a very important style rule to abide by.

Fit is the number one most important thing when it comes to great style. Why? Because wearing clothing that fits us properly, highlights our assets, flatters our body type, and most importantly makes us feel good. Beautiful clothing has no place in our closets if it doesn’t hang, drape or mold to the shape of our bodies properly. When it comes to fit, the items we choose to wear should create a clear shape and allow for breathing room without looking bulky. Too big and they end up making us look sloppy and ill-proportioned, too small and they cut in all the wrong places. Proper fit is how we achieve effortless style while feeling comfortable in the clothing we wear.



The key to dressing with ease and always looking put together is to have a dress code or formula to follow. This rule really involves understanding what you like, what you feel comfortable and confident in, and shopping accordingly. This can also be the most challenging step for many women who aren’t certain what their personal preferences are. We suggest doing your research – scour the internet and social media to collect images of looks you feel suit you. Identify celebrity style you aspire to attain – this is always an easy place to start since you can find so many references online. 

In time you’ll see the patterns and commonalities of what you like, which then becomes your dress code. Having a formula for getting dressed removes all the guess-work. 



It’s easy to get caught in the accessory-vacuum, adding more and more until you don’t know when to stop. Women with timeless style know that too much of a good thing takes a classic look over the edge.

While it can be fun to add the final touches on to a look, focus your attention on one or two key pieces, opting for a less-is-more approach. It’s good to have a go-to watch, bracelet, belt and pair of sunglasses on hand to serve as your accessory staple pieces, while occasionally adding an additional item just for fun. Anything more than that and chances are you’ve overdone it.

Don’t forget that the clothing (and accessories) you wear are there to highlight YOU, the person. Not take away from your amazingness. Timesless style means not letting your look become louder than your voice or personality.


For more style inspiration ideas, check out our Pinterest page filled with lots of boards and references that will get you started. Don’t forget, learning from someone else who has already mastered a skill is often a great place to start when trying something new.

If you’re not sure how to achieve timeless style of your own, a great way to learn is by recreating outfits you see in photos. Trial and error is one of them best ways to discover what works for your personal style, what feels comfortable and authentic to who you are, and what you’d like to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

If you need help developing a strategy for your image, and are looking for a Personal Stylist, our team has you covered! From creating a message for your image, to rewrorking what you currently own in your closet, and finally shopping for some new pieces – our concierge styling process takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to look effortlessly stylish.

Want to see if we’re a good fit for your goals? Our style consultations are free of charge and provide a great opportunity to speak with a Personal Stylist in regards to your image.

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