Answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding our services, Personal Stylists and what to expect from our 3-Step Styling Process.

Q.  Do you offer virtual personal styling services, and if so, what areas do you service?

Yes. In addition to our in-person services offered in Southern California, we also offer virtual personal styling services and work with clients all over the world. With the gift of technology, we’re able to get to know you and your goals on a deep level, so that even if we’re not in the same room as each other we can still achieve the same successful outcomes. To learn more about our virtual personal styling services, click here.

Q.  How do I get new clothing if we’re working with a virtual Personal Stylist?

If you’re looking to add new pieces to your wardrobe or need help finding clothes that enhance your sense of style, we’ll source them for you. Even if you’re in another country.

Your Personal Stylist will create a list of suggested items that align with your taste and lifestyle. We’ll show you options from brands you already shop from, plus many more you may not be familiar with. We design this process to be as thorough and comprehensive as shopping in a department store, so you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to wide selection and variety.

Don’t want to waste time placing orders? Don’t worry. Our concierge team can handle all the online shopping for you and have new clothes sent directly to your home to try at leisure.

Q.  I need help with the clothes I own. Can you do a virtual closet edit/overhaul?

Whether you need advice on how to de-clutter your exisiting wardrobe or recommendations on what to add in the future, our virtual closet-editing process has you covered. Tthe goal is to end up with a collection of items you feel good in, that mix and match with each other, and that you actually wear.

You’ll show your Personal Stylist everything in your closet, piece by piece over Zoom, and make decisions together on what to keep and what to get rid of. We’ll teach you how to style your clothes into outfit combinations you’ve never tried before, giving your wardrobe a new lease on life.

Q.  Who do you work with?

Personal Stylists are no longer reserved for celebrities and red carpet appearances. Our clients are everyday people from all walks of life, but what they share in common is a desire to look their best, feel their most confident and streamline their daily routine in order to maximize efficiency. A large majority of our clients are corporate professionals whose job requires them to present an elevated image. We work with them to develop a strategy for their style that not only helps them dress in a polished manner, but also ensures they perform at a higher level.

Q.  Do I have to keep everything my Personal Stylist brings to my in-home fitting?

Absolutely not. Your Personal Stylist will bring a wide variety of options to your fitting, anywhere from 5 to 7 times your wardrobe budget – far more than you will end up keeping. We do this to ensure you have access to as much variety as possible and make the strongest selection to suit your needs. Many of our customers have tried subscription or membership services with little success, because they wanted access to they same type of diversity they’d find in a department store or online. Once you’ve tried everything on you will decide which pieces you would like to keep. Your Personal Stylist will return everything else.

Q.  How does my Personal Stylist know what I’m looking for and which items to shop for?

During your Initial Consultation your Personal Stylist will go through a thorough questionnaire process to determine your preferences, the styles and shapes that suit your body type, and the things you are missing in your current wardrobe. You will go through a full closet review to look at what you currently own, determine what’s working and what needs to be added. Together you will create a shopping list which your Personal Stylist will follow when they’re shopping for your new clothes.

Q.  How do you determine the amount to spend on my clothes?

During your consultation, you’ll work with your Personal Stylist to determine the items you’d like to try during your fitting and an appropriate budget to purchase everything on your list. This number is entirely up to you and should feel like something you’re comfortable spending on new clothing, while also sufficiently covering the costs of all the items you’d like to purchase. Your wardrobe budget is a rough figure, and you’re always welcome to come under or over this number depending on how many items you decide to keep during your fitting.

The amount you spend on clothing does not have a baring on our service model, as we have no affiliation with brands and no membership requirements. This concept may feel atypical if you’ve become accustom to subscription boxes or services that require a certain spend on clothing each month. We pride ourselves on being able to assist you in making strong and thought out purchasing decisions without ever being incentivized to make sales.

Q.  How much will my service cost?

Our services costs are $195.00 per hour for in-person personal styling, with the total number of hours dependent on the amount of clothing selection on your shopping list, and thus the amount of time required for our team to source those pieces. We will provide you with a quote for your service within 24 hours of your style consultation so that you know exactly what yours service costs will be. Our virtual services are available in packages, which you can learn more about here

Q.  How does MiKADO differ from online style-subscription services?

Because we work to bring you the most personalized, all inclusive type of service possible, we differ from online subscription services in almost every way. Your Personal Stylist will work with you intimately, to get to know as much about you and your lifestyle as possible so that they can provide you with a wardrobe that suits your goals. Your service is not complete until your needs are met with entirety, leaving no detail unfinished. If you require some tailoring on a garment or a trip to the dry cleaner before a big event, we’ve got you covered. If it has to do with shopping or style, we will always take care of it on your behalf.

 Unlike the subscription or mebership services you may have used, we don’t have any affiliation to stores or brands and shop only at places we truly feel are a fit for your taste. We pride ourselves on being able to provide access to all the brands you love, without restrictions. Unlike subscription services, we do not carry labels in-house nor do we make a commission off of the clothing you buy. This means we can shop anywhere and everywhere you like without ever being incentivized for you to buy certain items.

Q.  Do you offer plus-size styling?
Absolutely! We work with all shapes and sizes. Our Personal Stylists are expertly trained to understand how clothing best flatters the body and will give you lots of styling tricks to suit your shape. We also have lots of stores we love to shop at that carry amazing plus size selection.
Q.  Do you style men?

Yes, we love working with men and tending to all of their shopping and styling needs. We can also accommodate couples’ sessions where we fit you and your partner simultaneously. This provides a great opportunity to get each others’ feedback while enjoying a fun afternoon of shopping together. Champagne is always included in our fittings!

Q.  Can you dress my children?

Just like men and women, we are happy to shop for your children as well. We know that handling a child’s ever-changing wardrobe can be just as time-consuming as maintaining your own. We love working with kids and have really fun, age-appropriate ways of tailoring our services for young ones. 

Q.  What brands and designers can I expect?
Unlike the online subscription based styling services who are only able to offer a selection of brands and designers, our scope is unlimited. Because we work with you in person and shop specifically for you without buying in bulk, we bring you the designers of your preference. Nothing is off limits, even if it is something we have to have shipped in from another state or country. Your Personal Stylist works with you to determine exactly what you like and then brings you just that. We have relationships with every major design house and can provide you the luxury you’re accustom to in-store, within the comfort of your home.
Q.  What if I don’t like anything in my fitting, will I still be charged for service?
Absolutely not. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with your wardrobe and we work tirelessly to achieve this. If for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with any of the options presented during your fitting, we will re-shop a new selection for you at no added cost.

Q.  How can I get as much use as possible out of the clothing I already own?

We aim to get the most use out of what you own so that you can invest your spending into what’s missing. Often all this takes is styling unworn clothing in a new way, or sending it off to the tailor for minor alterations, to bring items you haven’t been wearing back to life. One of the main benefits of trying on new clothing at home is that you get to see how it pairs with what you already own. While some customers may want to overhaul their entire wardrobe, others may just want to add some additional items to an otherwise already comprehensive wardrobe. Our service model is very flexible and designed to suit your unique needs, whatever them may look like.

Q.  I want to cancel my service but my Stylist has already started shopping. Will I still be charged?

Yes. Once we receive your wardrobe deposit and you’ve submitted your signed quote and contract, we will begin shopping for your fitting. Services cancelled anytime after this will still be charged for all previously agreed upon shopping-fees. If you would like to switch your fitting to another day once shopping has begun, you have a 3 week window to reschedule at no additional charge.

Q.  What costs or payments are due upfront?

During your style consultation, we’ll determine a spending budget that you’re comfortable with in order for us to purchase the desired items on your behalf. This will be the financial framework for which we keep all of your purchases within. A 50% deposit towards your wardrobe budget must be received by your Personal Stylist prior to the commencement of any shopping and can be given in the form of cash, check or wire transfer*. Your wardrobe deposit is not required at the time of your style consultation, and can be sent anytime before your shopping is scheduled to begin.

*Please note you are responsible for any fees that may be incurred through the use of online wire transfers. Transfers sent with fees attached will have the total cost of the fee deducted from the wardrobe budget.

Q.  When do I pay for my Stylist’s services?
Following your in-home fitting, once selections have been made in regards to which items you wish to purchase, we will provide you with a cost breakdown of all wardrobe being kept and a total remaining balance after your 50% deposit, as well as an invoice for services rendered. These documents will be provided within 24 hours of your fitting, at which time payment will be due. Your Personal Stylist will deliver your purchased clothing to your home once payment has been received for both the remaining balance of your wardrobe and the invoice for services rendered.
Q.  I’m looking for a full closet overhaul. Is this something you provide?
Absolutely. The first step in our 3-Step Styling Process includes a full Closet Revision and Overhaul. Together, you and Personal Stylist will go through everything you own to determine what you have that is working, what isn’t, what is never being used, and what can be brought back to life with tailoring and alterations. You will learn lots of information during this process on how to put outfits together with pieces you already own. We strive to get the most use out of what you have and only shop for the things you are missing.

Q.  I do not live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto or New York City. Do you travel?

Yes, we travel to clients on a very regular basis and structure our 3-Step Styling Process in the exact same way. Your Personal Stylist will shop at stores in and around your local city, while also having product shipped in, to fulfill your wardrobe needs. In addition to services rendered, you will also assume the cost of your Personal Stylist’s travel and accommodation. All costs will be determined up front, prior to the commencement of your project.

We also offer world wide virtual personal styling services, which you can learn more about here

Q.  Can I wear clothes and then send them back?
During your fitting you will try everything on before you commit to purchasing the items you like. Once items have been paid for they cannot be returned. If an item is damaged, your Personal Stylist will return and/or replace it. Any other worn merchandise cannot be returned.
Q.  I want to host a styling party at my home. Is this something you can accommodate?
Yes, we love group styling parties! This is such a fun idea for bachelorette parties, birthdays, staff incentives or just an afternoon spent with girlfriends. If you are hosting the party, you will serve as the liaison between us and your guests, helping us to ensure we bring lots of options to suit the tastes and preference of everyone attending. We often do themed events like handbag or shoe parties, which is a really fun way to get together with friends and all shop together in the comfort of your home.

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