Image Development Package



Package Features: $495.00

✔️ One-on-one coaching over Zoom, plus unlimited text and email support.

✔️ Personalized Style-Strategy: eliminates the confusion over how to dress, specifically focused around what to wear for your body type, coloring and personal/professional life.

✔️ Visual Style Guide: real world outfit examples designed to suit your unique style, that you will easily recreate with the clothing in your closet or items you buy in the future.

✔️ Stores + Brands Database: recommended places to shop from, including petite, tall, plus size, sustainable and affordable brands.

✔️ Shop-Like-a-Stylist Training: guided step-by-step tutorial to help you shop with intention and stop wasting money on clothing you don’t wear.

✔️ Private Online Portal: with bonus how-to videos, PDF guides, workbooks and cheat sheets.

✔️ Lifetime access to a private Facebook style community for on-going trainings, masterclasses, guest features, and live Q+As.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Image Development Package


How long does this take?

Most projects take, on average, two weeks to complete from initial kickoff call to project completion.


Do I have to buy new clothes?

No! There’s no shopping for clothes in this package, it’s all about coming up with the look and foundation of your style.


What is the outcome?

Absolute clarity around what your style looks like, how to dress for your body, go-to outfits, and clothing needed to create the look.

Are you ready to figure out your style, once and for all?

Simply put, developing your unique sense of style allows you to project an image you’ve built on purpose.

No longer just leaving things to chance, hoping what you’ve been wearing is good enough to get by…..it intentionally creates your personal marketing campaign, painting the picture of exactly who you are.

A message that speaks on your behalf, telling yourself and others, what type of person you are.

Because like it or not, that’s what your image is already doing.

So when you choose to build a sense of style that accurately represents who you are….one you feel good in, that invigorates your self-confidence, YOU get to be in control of the narrative.

The truth is, people form opinions of you based on the information you provide them with.

You form opinions of yourself based on how intentionally you show up in your own life.

Once you understand this, the power shifts into your hands. If you want to be seen a certain way, and if you want to see yourself a certain way, then it’s essential you build an image that accurately represents those objectives.

Personal style never starts with a trip to the mall.


Because you’re not clear on what your style looks like yet. You know what’s familiar, what you’ve already been doing…but not what takes you to a higher level.

And that’s where we come in!

We teach everyday people, just like yourself, how to build an image that represent them.

And we do it in a way that’s easy, supported, and fun to follow, so you that there’s no longer any confusion over what to wear.

Then….and only then…are they ready to shop for new clothes!


Service Support Guarantee

MiKADO is a place where the genuine care and trust of our clients is our highest mission. We pledge to provide the finest personal service and attention to detail for our clients who will always enjoy a safe, welcoming, and transformative experience.

With that being said, we want you to have the utmost confidence in your purchase, knowing if for any reason you are not satisfied with the outcome of your project, we will continue working with you until you are, free of any additional charge.

Our Service Support Guarantee means you have unlimited revisions and edits available to you on all packages. 

Our big promise to you as that by the end of your service…

  • You will have a strategy in place that you can use for the rest of your life.
  • You will stop wasting time, energy, money and confidence trying to get better style without seeing results.
  • You will know exactly what your style looks like. No more wondering if something is you, no more dressing the same way you’ve dressed for the last 10+ years. You will have absolute clarity.
  • You will understand how to dress for your body type, and be able to identify the best cuts and silhouettes for your shape.
  • You will spend your money on clothes wisely. No more buying for the sake of it and ending up with similar versions of the same things. You will be an intentional shopper who buys clothes they love to wear.

And we’re going to do it all in a way that’s positive, personalized and 100% supported!

I often felt uncomfortable in my clothes because I didn’t feel like they expressed me. I had no idea of what I wanted or how to find that. I am not scared of clothes anymore. I have learnt it is simply about knowing your body type, your style choice and then wearing clothes that align. It has simplified everything for me.

I would 1000% encourage anyone to take the leap, it is much more than learning about your style. This helps you to feel confident about being you and then explore how your clothes can express who you are.

You will quickly learn that no matter your weight or body shape, you can feel great in what you wear because your clothes become an outward expression of who you are on the inside.”

– Helen French, Australia



Let our virtual personal stylists show you how easy it can be.



Work with your Personal Stylist to assess your goals and determine exactly what it is you want your image to say. Getting clear on your message, and how you want to be perceived, is what sets the foundation for your style. Together we’ll uncover exactly who you want to show up in the world as and how that translates through your use of clothing.


Once you understand what you want your image to convey, the next step is of course finding the right clothes. And a big part of doing that successfully, is learning the colors, cuts, and styles that are best suited for your taste and lifestyle. We’ll equip you with all of this information, so that you always know what to choose when it comes to your wardrobe.


We’ll build a visual style guide, based on your lifestyle, aesthetic, coloring and body type, filled with real world examples of outfit ideas personally selected for you. This resource will help you come up with new outfit ideas, get inspired to try different things, and assist you when shopping for clothes so that you’re crystal clear on what is (and is not) your style.

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