Steal Her Style: How to Dress Like Kerry Washington


It’s safe to say, if you’re at all into fashion, you’ve found yourself researching the phrase – ‘how to dress like Kerry Washington’.

After years in the spotlight, she’s continuously held the position of one of the best dressed women in Hollywood, seemingly getting more stylish as time goes on. She wears looks straight off the runway, nails maternity dressing with ease, continuously reinvents her image, and then does it over and over again.

Unlike her iconic role as Olivia Pope on Scandal, Washington prefers a more playful take on fashion when off-camera. It is for this very reason that we, like so many other people, continuously look to her for inspiration. Her bold choices and willingness to have fun with style is apparent every time she steps out, continuously reinventing her look and exploring the art of fashion.

The A-list actress has mastered a mix of classic elegance with out-of-the-box creativity, ensuring her ensembles are memorable and uniquely her own.

One of the first exerceises we work through with a new client during their style consultation is identifying their ‘style icon’ – someone who’s look they strive to emulate. It is fair to say that Kerry Washington comes up more than almost any other female celebrity, and is most certainly in the top 5.

Even if you aren’t working with a Personal Stylist, identifying people who inspire you is one of the easiest, and most efficient ways to develop your uniqe sense of style. If the Scandal-star’s style is one you’d like to emulate, studying her looks and the way she pairs items together will give you lots of insight into how you can adapt her aesthetic for youself. Trial and error is the best way to approach developing your personal style and figuring out what works for you.

If you’re ready to learn how to dress like Kerry Washington, here are lots of tips and tricks to get you started. Scroll down for some of Kerry Washington’s best dressed style moments to help you capture her look and get you inspired.



Have fun with color, print and fabrication. Don’t limit yourself to what you’re accustom to, but rather take risks and try new fashion choices that you may not otherwise make. This means matching unexpected prints together or opting for fabrics and prints that create more interest.

kerry-washington-style.jpgkerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-style kerry-washington-style kerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-red-dresskerry-washington-floral-dress kerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-pregnancy-style


Where Olivia Pope has mastered the art of effortless style, Kerry Washington takes her look in a slightly different direction. While she will often pay homage to the classics, she’s also sure to add in her own unique spin. Making style choices like this allows you to include some of your own personality.

kerry-washington-classic-stylekerry-washington-style kerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-classic-stylekerry-washington-classic-stylekerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-style


Bigger is often better. Don’t be afraid to try larger silhouettes with enhanced proportions that make a statement with your look. The shape of clothing is often something we don’t think about when considering style, but it often plays an understated role. Amazing silhouettes – think wide leg pants, bold sleeves, dramatic coats – have the ability to bring a look to the next level. One of the key takeaways in learning how to dress like Kerry Washington, is a very strong understanding of the shape of clothing and how to highlight your frame.

kerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-street-stylekerry-washington-style kerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-stylekerry-washington-style


The beautiful thing about learning how to dress like Kerry Washington, is realizing that while style is often in abundence, sometimes less can also be more. The actress knows there’s a time and place to keep it simple, often opting for more emphasis on hair and makeup instead. 


For more style inspiration ideas, check out our Pinterest page filled with lots of boards and references that will get you started. Don’t forget, learning from someone else who has already mastered a skill is often a great place to start when trying something new. If you find someone you look up to, like Kerry Washington, try recreating some of their looks and see how you can adapt their style to make it your own.

If you need help developing a strategy for your image, and are looking for a Personal Stylist, our team has you covered! From creating a message for your image, to rewrorking what you currently own in your closet, and finally shopping for some new pieces – our concierge styling process takes all the guesswork out of knowing how to look effortlessly stylish.

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